Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We have decided that they don't care.

That's the conclusion my boyfriend and I came to a few weeks ago, standing in line for our graduation passes. Our school didn't care about the fact that a good handful of their students were enlisting into the military to fight for our country's freedom. Not a word was ever mentioned at the numerous honors nights, graduation practices, or let alone the final graduation ceremony regarding those who chose to head straight out into the military.
My boyfriend of over a year and a half is in the DEP (delayed entry program) for the U.S. Marine Corps. He didn't get a word of acknowledgement from our school about his decision. In fact, some people looked down on him for not going to college. Why is that? He is choosing this path, a very scary, courageous path that protects our freedoms and he is looked down upon? I just don't get it.
Yes, college is important to our society, but in my opinion, our military is just as important. My high school let me down when nothing was even mentioned about the kids going straight from high school into the unknown world of the military.
Just some of my ramblings and thoughts.
Your's Truly, L.